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Live Jazz

October 17, 2011

Live Jazz

Growing up in the eighties and nineties, I was exposed to some great music. Whilst I was a big fan of soul music, I always loved the sound of the saxophone. The saxophone, for me, represents sensual music that sets the perfect atmosphere. In the early nineties, Kenny G was very popular and easy listening. My taste has matured since reflecting the fact that people describe Kenny G’s music as suitable for elevators. My love of jazz music has expanded to include a wider genre over the years.

Some of my first live experiences included performances at The Drum. These were regularly on Saturday evenings and I used to drag my friends along – some willingly, others less so. I loved the atmosphere that live jazz creates. It is such a buzz and the crowd are always so cool.

When I purchased The Mint, it seemed natural for me to organise live jazz and put it on with a three course dinner. The first year we partnered with Birmingham Jazz Festival to host Steve Ajao to a sell out crowd. Later, we arranged our own jazz nights that proved very popular.

For my latest venture with Bay Leaf, it was opportune that I met Mike Fletcher as he was passing by with flyers for live jazz at the ‘Spotted Dog’. We spoke about my plans for live music at Bay Leaf and he was more than happy to assist. So we arranged our first event on 29 July, and have since held four events. Again, offering the same deal of a three course dinner for only £20. And the events have grown from strength to strength. Our latest event on 7 October was a sell out with the main dining area fully sold out and the cafe area also hosted a party. Needless to say, it was the busiest night since our opening and the atmosphere was amazing.

Our last jazz event this year will feature Mike Fletcher (Mike Fletcher from the Cobweb collective ) on sax and Mendi on tabla ( I need to add, I really love tabla – it is amazing. For the first time, I will see it partnered with the sax and I can’t wait. It will be another amazing night and I am confident we will sell all the tickets. Following the success of this programme, I will be working with Mike to plan more jazz for the New Year. I am toying with the idea of having jazz every couple of weeks. Whilst I ponder this, I am looking forward to the event on 4 November. To book tickets

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