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BBC Asian Network – why don’t you play Bangla music?

January 5, 2014

I have made a complain to the BBC about the fact that they don’t play Bangla music as part of their mainstream programme. If you feel strongly about the subject then please make a complaint – the more people that complain the better it will be. Who, knows, they may even listen!

I am a regular listener of BBC Asian Network. I applaud the work that you do in raising awareness of issues facing the Asian community. Recently you had Bangla week and I was very impressed with that. I was able to listen to some amazing music that I hadn’t heard of before, especially from new artists that are in the UK and Bangladesh. The music was really good.

I feel that the whole Asian community is missing out on this lovely music. Further more, it is a question of equality. Why is Bangla music excluded from your mainstream programme? I have raised this over the last ten years, and have met members of BBC Asian Network, including the head. But, nothing has been done.

I believe this is inequality on behalf of the BBC. The Bangladeshi community is near a million in numbers in the UK. It is great that Nadia Ali presents the Bangla programme – she is really good and connects well with people of all generations.

Music from India and Pakistan is played all the time. When you think of the Asian community in the UK, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi community are thought of. Yet, Bangla music is excluded. I appreciate the Bangla music industry is less developed than their counterparts, but, this is the very reason that Bangla music needs to profiled.

We have the fastest growth of young people from the Bangladeshi community and one that needs to be a feature of the BBC. In addition there are no Bangladeshi presenters on the BBC Asian Network – why?

Please, if you have time complain!

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