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Bangladeshi fun – Leya Rahman – guest blogger

April 1, 2017


We went to Bangladeshi in 2016 and asked Leya (six years old) to write about her experiences.  Below is what she has written, its all her own words with some minor corrections.  So, I am very proud to have Leya as my guest blogger…….who know’s we may get a few more articles from her in the future.

The journey

On Friday after school my friend’s dad took us to the airport. When we got in the plane surprisingly there was a TV in front of you. I watched Robin Hood. Half way through the journey the people gave us food. Then the people gave the children teddies. After that I went to sleep. Then I woke up and I watched more TV. Then we landed in Dhaka. It was hot there.  Then we waited for the next plane.  When we got on the plane there was also TV’s and I sat next to my dad.  I watched Pete’s Dragon.  I watched the first and second one, it was good.  Then I had DISGUSTING food.  I watched TV after I slept on my dad.  I woke and played games on the TV.  Then it was time to land I had to stop playing games and concentrate.  Then we got off the plane and found some of our relatives.  We went to the coach station, it was not nice…ewe.  We got crisps but they were too sweet for me.  Then we went on a coach and all I did was sleep.  There was crazy driving.  Then we stopped to have some food.  After that we went to the coach again then we stopped at a sandy place.  Then we went to a house.

I went to my cousin’s granddad’s mansion.  There was a badminton court.  I had a strop because I couldn’t play.  Then we went on a boat, when we went down it was very steep.  On the return of the journey we saw some eagles soaring in the sky.  They were so close we could see their beautiful colours, brown, white and yellow.  Then I went to my crazy grandad, he has a big motorbike.  I went on the motorbike and sat at the front.  When we were driving I felt the breeze in my hair.  Before I got on I felt very excited.

I went toad hunting one night.  Toads are very ugly I think.  The toads have green spots and big orange eyes.  I saw a toad weeing!  My friend kept pushing the toad.  I kept holding onto my sister because I thought it would touch me.  I had a fun time though.

I went swimming in a lake one day.  I went very far!  My sister Maya swam with no arm bands, she made it look very easy but it was actually hard.  She inspired me to swim with just a float and no arm bands.  It was fun because I knew how to do it.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t have found it fun.  Once when I was swimming on my back, I saw eagles!

One day I was sitting by a lake.  I saw an eagle swoop past.  It was so close I could see its whole body, especially its fluffy face.  I saw it sitting on a branch and it looked so handsome.  The eagle had brown feathers, yellow beak and white belly.  Under its feathers I saw a bit of red, my favourite colour.  The rest of it was white.

I made a friend called Imon.  He’s a boy.  Imon is 16.  He is very handsome.  He is very nice because he carry’s me, holds my hand and even did my shoes for me.  I went swimming with him and played Frisbee with him.  When he left I cried and I said what if I never see him again.

I went to the beach.  When we got there we went to the sea.  When I walked on the sand it was warm.  I was jumping over the waves in the warm water.  Then I touched a star fish after that I went into the water with my sister.  I jumped over the waves in the deep parts.  Then we were sitting in the sea, we got drenched.  When the waves came it pushed us!  We forgot to put our swimming costumes on.  So when we got out, we had to wear our swimming costumes home.  It wasn’t very nice.

By Leya Yasmin Rahman

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