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Still in my prime II??

May 20, 2017
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BMI results


Well two years on from my last blog about my health, I had promised to update you on my progress. I have been extremely busy and have struggled to find the time. As it happens, I am 47 today, so it’s a fitting occasion to write this blog.

For those of you who haven’t read my first blog in this matter; I can summarise that my cholesterol level was 6.7 in 2015 and then in 2016 it was  6.1. I was told that I am pre-diabetic. Towards the end of last year, I had my blood tests and the results arrived in Jan. They told me that I was no longer pre-diabetic and that my cholesterol was at 5.9. They told me that I should have Statin. I refused, once again, as I am confident that given time it will reduce to below 5. I have added a photo of my BMI, body water and muscle. The aim is to reduce my BMI to 22% by the end of the year.

Last year, I increased the level of exercise that I did. In the main this was cycling to work. Towards the end of the year, I was feeling really fit and there was a rumour of a six pack….In December I visited Bangladesh for three weeks and did almost no exercise and indulged a little. On my return, I found it difficult to continue the level of exercise being as it was winter. I also ate out more than usual and I this has had an impact – I checked my waist size; this has increased by an inch. I was very disappointed with myself. The lesson here, is that you can’t take your eyes of the waist line – it’s a constant battle and it gets harder as you get older. You have to eat less and exercise more….

I have managed to maintain my diet of a reduction in white rice – now, the only time I eat white rice is at my mums. I eat brown rice and always have vegetables and fruit throughout the day. I must admit, being at work is better as you to plan what you eat. I continue to have my cholesterol lowering drink, which I believe helps.

I continue to play football and I thoroughly enjoy it. The obvious is the physical side of it, but in equal measure, I am enjoying the social aspect of it all. I am constantly meeting new people and making friends which helps with my mental well-being. I love cycling to work and do that as often as possible. I use the canal for most of the journey. It feels like I am on a leisure holiday as the water and the trees make it special. Recently, I have invested in a new road bike and cycling that is so much easier than my old bike.

So, any last words of wisdom to people in a similar situation? When they say ‘that your health is your wealth’, the realisation of the truth becomes clearer as you get older. More and more people of my generation are suffering from poor health – in truth many people don’t take responsibility for their own well-being. You have only one shot at this and you have to maintain it or lose it.


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