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The Winter Crinch – by Leya

December 15, 2018

winter grinch photo

On a cold, snowy Christmas eve, some tired excited children were on a long noisy steam train that was chugging along its frosty tracks.

They were all thinking about the winter Grinch for they were going up the highest, whitest most freezing mountain where the Grinch lived. This Grinch hated snow and Christmas and everything that comes with winter. Some people think that this green, furry animal living on this frosty ice capped mountain is real and some people think he is a made-up myth. The red nosed children with woolly hats felt nervous thinking about the thin frosty ice beneath them.

All of a sudden, a green hairy Grinch jumped out of nowhere, with muscles the size of ten men and a beard even longer than Santa Claus’. He jumped onto the long rusty train, knocked out the driver, and started wobbling the train. CRASH!!! The young children were stuck in the train that was plunging into the clear blue freezing ice passing frozen sea creatures along the way. The ugly, dirty creature used the train as a path to the door where he pulled the doors off. He thought that he’d drown the children because they looked so small it was as if they couldn’t swim, but they could! So, they climbed on to the train that the Grinch was standing on and pushed him off. Of course, he never thought he needed to know to swim so he drowned! One brave child was still in the train and holding her breath she grabbed the train driver and began to swim out. But how could she get out?

This smart child saw the Grinch floating and used him as a stepping stone. Full of courage she leapt onto the train and ran to her friends.  They started chanting “Emily!! Emily!!” after running back home through stormy weather. The children were all in the news because of killing the Grinch, bravery and saving each other. They went to see the Queen in a limo watching the soft snowflakes gently drop. These brave saviours got awarded a medal. But that’s another story…

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  1. Writing for Leya comes very naturally. She is 8 and says that she wants to be an editor…time will tell what she becomes. For now, she is our awesome baby girl.

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