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Sunrise in my village

July 27, 2019
Sunrise in my village

Third day in the village and I managed to wake up before six to capture the sunrise. The previous day, I had planned to wake up before the sunrise. However, the local mosque had an all night Quran recitation played out on a loud speaker. In England this would be considered noise pollution and you would have been able to call the Police.  In Bangladesh you simply have to endure the inconvenience. I speak to my cousin, expressing my disapproval and that he should complain. He tells me that there is no use as they will not listen, he adds that there are two schools of thought on this matter, one that approved and one that doesn’t. He says that things are different in Sylhet city, as they are not allowed to play it over loud speakers after 11pm.

As I amble out of bed just before six, and head out into the February morning. I am met with dew or is it fog?  There have been years when I’ve been in February when the sun failed to show at all.  As I head out of my Bari onto the road I see scenes with mist rising from the river. I take photos of due drops glistening on leafs. I count my blessings when I see a kingfisher perched on a branch. I reach for my camera, however, I was just to slow as it dives in for a catch and flies off. I wait for a few moments with the hope that it may return…no sign of it.

Dew drop

I continue down the road and suddenly I catch a glimpse of the sun rising. I feel rewarded for my efforts. The sun slowly appears and the rising mists adds to the beauty of the landscape. I step down into the isles of the paddy fields and I am met with greenery. Sunrises in Bangladesh are spectacular especially as the land is flat and when you include water in the scenery, it adds to the beauty as the sun gilstens off the water. Sunsets are equally spectacular, especially if you can see it over a river with golden colours and siluettes.

Sunset in Thelikhuna

I am content with the photos that I have taken and head back to the Bari. I am surprised to find Thufa (my cousin) on her morning walk towards the bridge. She says that she has neglected her exercise because of the cold weather…. and adds that she has high blood pressure and the doctor has ordered exercise. We head back to the Bari together and idly talk about the beauty of the country.

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