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Made by the river banks of Bangladesh, forged in the northwest frontier province of Birmingham….there is an umbilical cord that has intrinsically linked me between Bangladesh and England. There was a time that I struggled with choosing a place to call home. These days, I am proud of my shared heritage. It has become easier to be connected through the advent of the web…another umbilical cord.

I was born in Bangladesh and arrived in Birmingham UK at the age of six. Three years later I returned to Bangladesh for a year, this has left a lasting impression on me. It also disrupted my education. I continued onto secondary school and left at the age of 16 with no formal qualifications. I did what most Bangladeshi boys did growing in the 1980’s. I started to work in a restaurant on a part time basis at the age of 15 whilst I was at school. I later worked full time in various cities across the UK and I got as far as Jersey. It was a great period of my life. For the first time I had money in my pockets and lived away from home…..and enjoyed being a young adult without the constraints of family life and culture. Well that’s about enough of me for now.

The reason that I have re-started this blog is to share my story with a focus on the Bangladeshi community. The Bangladeshi story often gets wrapped up with other more dominant South Asian communities. I will write blogs that come from my ‘lived’ experience.

From time to time, I will be joined by my guest blogger, Leya my youngest daughter.

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    Nice blog – full of valuable and interesting information!

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